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About us

Since 1992, the American Academy of Manual Medicine has been dedicated to the enhancement of the multi-disciplined clinical standards within the fields of manual medicine. Our goal is to provide a means for the providers and the public they serve,  to stay abreast of current mainstream manual medicine research.  In concert with, we have been providing manual medicine information to serve as a quick reference for conditions, which may be responsive or contraindicated for manual technique.  This ever expanding knowledgebase was derived from a multi-disciplined approach, which has gained acceptance within the mainstream healthcare community.  Today, it enjoys the popularity of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, trainers, therapists, and acupuncturists. Regrettably over this same period of time Patients, Peer Review Providers, and Professional Licensing Boards occasionally question treatment protocol due to a failed understanding of manual medicine assessment.

 Our goal is accomplished in a virtual office environment with leading educators developing the educational offerings, which are posted on this site. We provide Diplomate credentialing for the fields of medicine, osteopathy, nursing, dentistry, sports medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical, neuromuscular, and massage therapies.



  Hopefully, the information contained on this site assists the practitioner in delineating between conditions; that the treatment of choice may be pursued. 



Board Members

Daniel A. Corna, DC

Robert J. Williams, MD

Larry L. Tilley, DMD, NMD, NMT

Richard C. Ellison, NMT, CMT, SMT, MT

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