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Cranial nerve VII - the Facial nerve


Signs and Symptoms of Lesions (Dependent upon Location)







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Facial Nerve Test

Lower facial voluntary movements are tested by the practitioner requesting the individual to smile, whistle, show their teeth and/or pucker their lips.  Requesting the individual to close their eyes and/or wrinkle their forehead tests upper facial musculature.

Facial nerve test 1

If the individual has the inability to demonstrate a complete smile, has a facial droop and is unable to open their eyelid against the practitionerís mild resistance, the lesion is more centrally located. If they are unable to wrinkle their forehead on one side, the lesion is located closer to the periphery.

Facial nerve test 2

The tongueís anterior 2/3 is tested by the practitioner applying small amounts of solution (e.g. sugar, saline and/or vinegar) to the individualís tongue.  The individual is then requested to tell practitioner what was placed on their tongue (e.g. sour, sweet and/or salty).  Between each solution the mouth needs to be rinsed with water.

Facial nerve test 3

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